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  • 9m Inflatable Spray Booth Silver
  • 9m Inflatable Spray Booth Silver
  • 9m Inflatable Spray Booth Silver
9m Inflatable Spray Booth Silver9m Inflatable Spray Booth Silver9m Inflatable Spray Booth Silver

9m Inflatable Spray Booth Silver


Meter: 9m x 5m x 3m

Ft: 29.5ft x 16.4ft x 9.8ft


Material: PVC tarpaulin 

2 blowers,filters,carry bag,ropes,sandbag and 

repair materials, Strong PVC carry bag

Choice Plain color:  white ,Pink, Blue, Green, Red, Black,Yellow, Orange,Purple,Gold,Silver,Royal blue,

2 COLOR mixed to 1 spray booth:







Window is transparent pvc material,

Door removable,

Filter can replace with velcro.

Product Details


Our spray booth is designed to protect the environment from being polluted by damaging emissions, in particular emissions 

from traditional materials commonly used in the repair of motor vehicles, for example paints- solvents- cleaners-fillers.Mobile 

and portable, inflatable spray booth creats a perfect working station for your paint job.

2.Inflatable spray booth structure:

Inflatable spray booth is made of 2 independent parts :inflatable structure and filter system.The material of inflatable structure is 

PVC tarpaulin and transparent PVC Vinyl. The strong shining PVC material makes the structure durable and elegant. There are two 

blowers, one is in the structure part, blower is 750 watt .The blower comes with CE,UL,ETL and the most of certifications all over 

the world .Certainly ,we will equip the blower with suitable plug and rated voltage to fit the electric system in your country .Another 

blower here,it is the same as the one for the structure .But the function is different.This blower provides the fresh air for the working 

space inside .It is the power of the filter system . 

3.Filter system:

This is the input filter,the fresh air provided by the filter system blower go through the filter. Pull down the zips ,we can find a space 

behind.It is a storage room .Tools can be put into the room .This is the exhaust filters .The air go out through it .The material of filter is 

carbon cotton .The carbon helps eliminate odors from workstation .Through our test for the exhaust air ,no odors left outside not to 

mention dust .Our filter system is based on High Volume Low Pressure Technology .So when you are painting ,no over spay will be on 

your finshed paint .


Our inflatable spray booth is equipped with transparent windows .You can see the scenery clearly through the windows.The transparent 

windows are the guarantee of the brightness inside the workstation .You can even put lights outside the structure at night .It provides the 

possible to continue your paint work at night .


This is the brief introduction for our spray booth. In a word ,our inflatable spray booth is a perfect choice for your paint work .We are here 

to help you gain a better paint life.

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